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We are your source for real world amateur Adult Erotic "XXX in nature"  MP3 and MP4 recordings. All recordings are provided by real people most of whom work in the phone sex industry and provide live sessions as well. Most recordings are done using their personal computers or other NON-Professional recording equipment therefore donít expect the sound quality to be of the itunes standard, but the content of the recordings will more than make up for the lack in sound quality. Most recording have a short clip that you can review and accept the quality of the recording before purchasing.

There are recordings for every Fantasy, every Fetish no matter how tame or taboo. If we don't have what you are looking for please email us details and we will find someone to make your recording. You can even make money with your recording idea by letting us promote and sell it. Email us at

Copyrights of the recordings are held by the artist. All recordings are for your use only and cannot be shared in whole or in part in ANY way.

Payments are NOT refundable. If you have difficulty downloading your purchase we will do whatever is necessary to get you the product you purchased. Transactions are done via our secure on line store. All of your information is kept confidential. No personal information (dob, credit card information, etc) will be retained or distributed. Charges are billed discreetly to your credit card and will NOT show up on your billing statement as xxx recordings.

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Disclaimer - All recordings are to be considered Adult Erotic XXX in nature and are for the entertainment of mature adults seeking adult erotic audio / video entertainment. You MUST be 18 years of age or older to purchase. You may not purchase any recordings if it is not lawful for you to do so. This is your responsibility to know. All recordings have a product description. Itís your responsibility to read and understand the subject matter of the recording you are purchasing. Some recordings may contain subject matter you donít like or agree with. Please do not purchase anything you donít want to hear or watch.

If you feel you have what it take to be a audio porn actress / entrepreneur contact us at - Payout are 75% of the sale amount. You set pricing for your recordings. You will be required to sign a document stating you are the artist and owner of the recordings you are submitting for us to market and sell for you.



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